Ask a BMW Genius

“We’re here to make sure your experience at Competition BMW is relaxed and non-stressful. We will answer all of your
questions and try to make your driving experience as fulfilling as possible.”

Jorge Urrea-Vallejo | Competition BMW Genius


If you’re not sure how to operate a feature on your BMW or want to expand your knowledge from basic to tech-savvy, Competition BMW Geniuses are available to guide you through the latest engineering improvements and digital innovations.

BMW Geniuses are specially trained product experts who can help familiarize you with all aspects of your BMW, before, during and after your purchase.

Whether it’s something as simple as how to pair your phone to your vehicle or more intricate, like getting real-time traffic reports to make your commute a little less stressful, our BMW Genius team can show you how to do it, or do it for you.

“We are your first line of communication,” says Jorge Urrea-Vallejo, Competition BMW Genius.

When you first meet with a Competition BMW Genius, you will likely be asked about your lifestyle and driving habits.

“It’s almost like a needs assessment,” Jorge says. “We want you to relax and enjoy yourself with no sales pressure. Geniuses don’t sell cars, we welcome customers so they have an easy, more fun time in the showroom.”

Using the latest IT tools, a Genius can give you a virtual look of the BMW you have in mind, then they can help you visually customize the vehicle and then locate it for you.

“We’ll go through the different vehicle models and options to help you find the car that best suits you,” says Jorge.

After narrowing down your search, a Competition BMW Genius will recommend that you take a test drive.

“Think of us as your co-pilot when you take a test drive,” Jorge says.

When you’re ready to take delivery of your new BMW, a Genius will be your point of contact.

“We are happy to meet you wherever it’s convenient for you,” Jorge says.

“We facilitate the delivery of your BMW, and review all aspects of the vehicle. And, if you still have questions afterwards, we can schedule an Encore Delivery where we will re-examine your vehicle’s features and go over any questions you have.”


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