The Last Of The Q60s Have Arrived At Competition INFINITI of Smithtown

July 26th, 2022 by

The INFINITI Q60 is equipped with high-quality and luxurious features! It comes with wireless Android and Apple CarPlay with a dual-screen infotainment system and a standard 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine with up to 300 horsepower. These elements make it even that more upsetting that the INFINITI Q60 will be discontinued after the year of 2023, post 2023 release. The great news is that INFINITI has plenty of comparable vehicles available and still has some Q60s in stock! This vehicle will be rare in the near future, so be sure to go and test drive one ASAP if you have your eyes set on one! If you haven’t been enthralled with the Q60, here are some reasons why you should check out this underrated vehicle.

The smooth seven-speed automatic transmission, paddle-shifters and heated front seats are great for those who look to enjoy what they drive. There is a standout, rare feature in the Q60 that can only be found in both the INFINITI Q60 and the QX50 exclusively. This futuristic feature of the interior is inspired by astronauts and is called the Zero Gravity design. The Zero Gravity design is a massive giant leap in innovation; these seats strive to replicate the feeling of weightlessness in space. This seat design helps by adjusting the driver’s and passengers’ spinal position to settle neutrally, which minimizes any stress on bones and joints. The body style is sleek and modern, with a race-inspired front façade and an aerodynamic finish. Unfortunately, all of these unique features still may not be enough to keep the Q60 queued up on the production line following 2023.

There has been a decline of customers purchasing the Q60, which goes down more as time goes by. Despite this, the Q60 received Vincentric’s 2021 Best Value in America Award, which makes the lack of demand an even bigger surprise. The INFINITI Q60 was challenged by over 3,000 vehicle configurations when being considered for this award. As Vincentric’s winner, this should draw the attention of more potential buyers; it was awarded primarily on how the Q60 has the lowest repair costs in its class and lower ownership costs than expected. Although the costs are low, there is a significant bang for your buck.

The previously mentioned lack of desire to purchase this vehicle could be due to customers being unaware of all of the next-gen elements or the impressive engine that the Q60 delivers. The Q60 upholds the standards of INFINITI, with impressive bodywork and a zippy engine to match. The INFINITI Q60 was meant to boost the brand image of sportiness, especially when factoring in the Red Sport variant. The Red Sport variant of the Q60 maximizes the specs of the engine, going from the aforementioned 3.0-litre twin turbo engine with 300 horsepower to a 400 horsepower engine. The Red Sport variant stands on its own as it differs from the standard Q60 with dual-intercooler water pumps, a turbo speed sensor, an advanced climate control system, a power-sliding tinted moonroof and more.

If the Q60 is still not to your taste, there are comparable vehicles that might suit your fancy in the LUXE trim as well.

The INFINITI Q50 Luxe has a similar fuel economy but is actually slightly better than the Q60, getting an extra mile or two per gallon. The Q50 and Q60 both have mobile hotspots, CarPlay/Android Auto, INFINITI InTouch, leather-wrapped steering wheel and rain detecting wipers. Comparing the engines, they are similar as well, both vehicles have a 3-liter, 6 cylinder engine with 300 horsepower.

Another comparison to the INFINITI Q60 is the QX60 Luxe package. The first and most important comparison is that the QX60 is an SUV and not a sedan or a coupe. Similarly to the Q50, the QX60 is also slightly more fuel efficient by about a mile. The QX60 is front-wheel drive, while the Q60 is all-wheel drive. The INFINITI Q60 has an emergency SOS system and the INFINITI Connection is integrated into the vehicle, the QX60 does not have this option available in the Luxe package. The Q60 is also slightly faster with a little bit more torque, the QX60 maxes out at 295 horsepower and significantly less torque, 270lbs at 4,800rpms compared to the Q60’s 295lbs at 1,500rpms. The Q60 driver’s seat has 10 directional controls, whereas the QX60 only has 8 different directional controls. The QX60 was named Newsweeks’ Best Premium SUV, making it a great option for those looking for something a little bit bigger than the Q60.

The INFINITI Q60 is very unique, designed and engineered for ambitious driving with a runway style. On INFINITIUSA’s website, the Q60 is described as “a luxury coupe…born out of a labor of love”. The dedication put into the Q60 is clear, hopefully the reflection on the features and design makes more customers aware of the innovation that is the Q60. Despite INFINITI’s best efforts, their labor might fall short for consumer love. There has not been an official statement released by INFINITI, the source of rumors can be tied to Automotive News’ Future Product Pipeline report.

To get your hands on a Q60 or another member of the INFINITI fleet, call our sales department at 631-239-7268 or come visit the Competition INFINITI showroom!

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