Twin Air Inc. | Superior Service With Sprinter

Twin Air, Inc. provides residential and commercial HVAC service across Long Island.

Tom Lotito founded Twin Air in 1987, naming the company after his twin sons, Brian and Chris. The boys took over the business after Tom Sr. retired seven years ago.

“We’re a small, family company, but are big on quality. That’s why we drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinters,” Brian says.

“The Sprinter was the only van with good gas mileage. We were getting 9 miles per gallon with our Fords and Chevys, but with Sprinter diesels, we’re getting mileage in the 20s,” he adds.

Twin Air now has a fleet of four Sprinter vans and is ordering a 2019 very soon.

Each Twin Air, Inc. Sprinter is immaculate inside and out.

“We treat our customers’ homes like we treat our Sprinter vans,” Brian says proudly.

Brian gives many reasons why a Sprinter is different and more efficient than a van or pick-up truck:

  • Sprinters are easier to work out of, it’s like night and day from a van or truck.
  • When you provide high-quality work, you want to drive a high-quality vehicle.
  • My customers love what I drive and are proud that we own Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It’s cool.
  • When it comes to reliability and carrying capacity, the Sprinter is a clear winner.
  • We customize our Sprinter vans with chrome wheels and grill pieces to really dress them up.
  • Brian customizes the interior with shelving from R.W. Shelving that suit his needs perfectly.