Competition Auto Referral Program

This is an internal Competition Auto Group Employee Referral program. This program is intended only for those employed by Competition Auto Group.

We are very happy to announce a new program of referral bonuses for all CAG employees!  

Positions throughout the company and particularly technicians are in very high demand. We would like to enlist all CAG employees to recommend positions at Competition Auto Group dealerships to your friends.  In return for your help, we’ve put together the following bonuses for referring prospective employees that are hired at a CAG dealership:


Referral Form

  • Referring Employee Information

  • Applying Applicant Information

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Referral Bonus Rules and Conditions:

  • Bonus will be paid IN FULL after two weekly pay periods following the start of work for the referred new hire.

    • Bonus will not be paid if the referred hire is no longer employed by CAG within this two week period.

  • To qualify for the referral bonus, prior to first introductions and interviews, the referring employee must complete the referral form on this webpage.

  • Webform submission of the referral is required for any referral bonus payment.

  • If the referred candidate was already in contact with Competition Auto Group for a potential position within the prior six months, no referral bonus payment will be paid.

  • Referral bonus payment will not be paid out if the referred candidate is a rehire within 6 months from when they separated.

  • One referral bonus payment will be paid per hire.

  • Referred summer and temporary candidates are not eligible for referral bonus payment.

  • Referral bonus payment is not paid if the candidate is not hired for any reason.

  • Referral Bonus payment is subject to all applicable payroll taxes and deductions.

  • All CAG employees are eligible for the referral bonus program except: Hiring managers and any department manager that will supervise the new hire; General Managers; group executives; HR department personnel

  • If you have any questions, please contact: Michelle Hand  [email protected] or Ext 3022.