Mercedes-Benz Product Concierge Specialist

Mercedes-Benz of Huntington is committed to providing an amazing experience for their clients throughout the entire car buying process.

A crucial component is the Mercedes-Benz product concierge, who is typically the last person the customer interacts with at the close of the sale.

Mercedes-Benz product concierge specialists are required to attend an intense training program so they have a full understanding of all the features that each vehicle offers.

Connie Lamberson was a sales advisor for Mercedes-Benz of Huntington when she was asked by management to join the product concierge team in January 2018.

“They wanted me to be the last person the client dealt with,” she says. “I think it’s my soothing Texas accent.”

Since there are so many technological innovations and intelligent features in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, patience is key.

“We like to give the same attention to detail explaining this new technology to our clients as the Mercedes-Benz engineers gave to designing the cars,” she says.

Connie helps set up services on the vehicle, along with anything else that might be required or needed at the time of delivery. In fact, there might be more than one way to operate a feature, so Connie makes it a point to demonstrate how those options work as well.

“My job is to ensure that the client has a positive experience with their new vehicle, and I enjoy every minute of it.”

She reveals the most common question she’s asked is how to program the garage door opener.

“Sometimes clients might have more questions because of the complexity of some of the features, so I will arrange to meet with them for a second delivery,” she says.

If a customer is in need of additional assistance, Connie can access a variety of resources to answer any questions a client might have.

It is my job to provide the best experience I can to our clients. I love giving them the confidence and a sense of security in how to operate their Mercedes-Benz efficiently,” she says.

For Connie, her position as a product concierge is a perfect fit.

”I am lucky that I get to interact with a lot of nice people who are excited about their new car and are really happy to work with me.”